Jennifer Maynard

Jennifer Maynard Ph.D.

Jennifer Maynard bears deep expertise in biotechnology, protein therapeutics and applied immunology. She holds the Henry Beckman Professorship in the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. Her current research focuses on development of protein therapeutics to address unmet medical needs in infectious diseases, with a specific interest in B. pertussis.

Dr. Maynard is credited with engineering an antibody to neutralize anthrax toxin, which was subsequently developed by liscensee Elusys and received FDA approval in 2016 as Anthim. In addition, she engineered two pertussis-toxin neutralizing antibodies for reduced immunogenicity and extended serum half-life in her own lab.

Since 2017, Dr. Maynard has served on the editorial boards of Scientific Reports, Frontiers in Immunology and BMC Biotechnology. She has coauthored over 60 publications and is the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2017 Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineers, a Packard Fellowship, Bill and Melinda Gates Grand Challenge Awards and a National Institutes of Health National Research Service Award.

Dr. Maynard served her postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University where she focused on microbiology and immunology. She holds a doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and a bachelor’s degree in human biology from Stanford University.